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How We Work

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Balancing the management of running a company with the requirement to win new work, generate more revenue, gain market share and remain competitive is a huge undertaking. 

When it comes to securing projects and funding, we have an exceptional success rate of 92%, and a humble, honest approach to delivering the best solution for clients. 

We qualify opportunities and support companies to qualify bids, ensuring their time and financial commitment is channelled into the right prospects with a strong chance of success.

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Many clients work with us on a retained basis for call-off work or have fixed hourly arrangements.

Companies benefit from being able to draw on a team as and when their needs arise, resulting in an agile, flexible and low-risk resourcing arrangement.

This model is an effective solution for businesses who need to focus on the day job with the confidence their bid is being handled by skilled specialists with a clear understanding of their business values, culture, and proposition.

Developing close, trusted relationships with businesses can pay dividends. We gain key insight into business strategy, goals and operations to produce quality proposals. 

We work flexibly, providing the network of businesses we support with ad hoc advice, signpost businesses to funding opportunities, award applications, quality kitemarks and market intelligence to really go the extra mile to add value to their business. 

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Proposals and bids often have a tight turnaround, and the demands of running a new or growing business means tender deadlines can often creep up. If you’re pressed for time and need help with an urgent tender we provide a fixed rate hourly charge to deliver impactful interventions to radically improve your chance of success. This includes:

  • Critical independent review and feedback to ensure bids are compliant, professionals presented with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • A comprehensive review of the tender against the service specification and published evaluation criteria to ensure any errors, omissions or weaknesses are addressed prior to submission.
  • Ensuring all mandatory supporting documentation is readable, in the correct format and follows any stipulated naming and filing convention.
  • We’re available to review and feedback on bids on an hourly rate. This is a low cost, effective solution to make sure high-value bids are compliant, high quality and have a better chance of success.
  • When the time arises, we also carry out reviews of previous tenders (successful & unsuccessful) to feedback qualitative content and key improvement areas to enhance the quality and scoring of future tenders and the expediency in which they can be produced.


We’re highly adept and experienced in delivering bespoke projects.  We specialise in delivering research and consultancy solutions to clients who tell us things like:

  • They are frustrated with not having a clear funding or bid strategy for increasing their sales and achieving their goals and objectives.
  • They get discouraged when they can’t identify where and what changes to make to optimise their business, secure new funding and understand the market better.
  • They are unsure of how to realise their ambitions, and if they’re making the right decisions, but need to deliver results and recognise the value and need to outsource expertise to lead and support them along the way.

Whatever your business stage, market research and intelligence can help identify and analyse customer needs, and help you understand how to increase market competitiveness or pivot your business in response to market supply and demand.